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For years I have been working and creating a lot of paintings to discover what is true and valuable for me.  The flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest enchant me. It’s the land of my birth; I thought that being able to see the volcanoes, Douglas Fir trees and birds was something ordinary.  When I learned to write in colors and lines and read the treasures offered to us so generously by the Pacific Northwest, I became compelled to record some of the miracle. A miracle that takes place every moment of every hour, in every season, offering a wealth of different images in landscape that is constantly changing.

I have a degree in Fine Arts from Portland State University and a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University.  

My work has been displayed locally and nationally and has earned accolades from critics and peers who have bestowed numerous awards.  Hundreds of my works are held in public and private collections.  I am a native Oregonian living in Lake Oswego and an energetic explorer whose journeys inform and enliven my work.




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